Here are photos from our seven-month trip around Australia in 2012

We left home at Tumbi Umbi, NSW Central Coast on 22nd April 2012 and drove up the north coast through Noosa, Maleny and 1770.  We then stayed at Yeppoon, near Rockhampton with our van parked right on the beach, which is like a huge horse-shoe shape, which runs for miles and miles.  When we look out to sea, we can see some of the Barrier Reef islands, like Great Keppel Island and Herron Island.   Further north, we visited McKay, Townsville, and Magnetic Island before turning west to travel through Charters Towers to Richmond and Julia Creek on our way to Mt Isa, Katherine, Kununurra and eventually Broome.

We did some free camping at Big Horse Creek on the Victoria River, before Kununurra.  We spent minimal time in Kununurra, just visiting the Christian Broadcasting Station, HCJB, short wave transmissions to the South Pacific and to Asia. 

We set out for Turkey Creek and kept going until we reached a free park outside the gate to Mabel Downs, where the Pernululu (Bungle Bungles) domes are and did the drive into Mabel Downs.  It was 75 km of dirt road, corrugations, 15 river crossings. At one stage there we bumped into the guy who owns and runs the Tow-Ed Training Course business, whom we know.  You never know who you will bump into out in the bush.  "This is what I do", he announced to Graeme.

The day was all adventure.  We took many lovely photos and the flowering trees were out in full bloom to give a lovely foreground to the beautiful Bungle Bungles.  Graeme walked into Cathedral Chasm, but it was so vast he felt disappointed that he could not photograph it.  I took a gentler way and was just surrounded by the big bee-hive-shaped domes.  I kept snapping away as the light changed on the domes.  After we arrived at Derby still on the way to Broome, Graeme took a bus tour out to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek.  

Alas on the final leg of our journey to Broome we had a serious breakdown with a burned-out front differential which had been causing problems a couple of days earlier. We broke down about 65kms from Broome where there is no mobile reception.  Fortunately, Graeme had purchased a satellite phone and had practiced using it before we left.  He had the NRMA phone numbers in the phone ready to use, so we were able to get help from the NRMA to tow us to Broome.  We ended up staying about seven weeks in Broome while our truck was repaired using parts that had to be made up in Japan.  All done under a third-party warranty we had purchased with the second-had ute.

Broome is beautifully warm with blue skies every day, and few signs of clouds.  Sometimes the nights are chilly (15 degrees). However, the beach is the most beautiful shade of turquoise as you will see from the photos.  Many people go to watch the sun disappearing over the western horizon, as it travels on its merry way to some other place.  The camels take riders at 3pm and at sunset. It is such a ritual here. 

Broome to Horizontal Falls and Cape Leveque 10th July 2012. 

Yesterday we went to The Horizontal Falls and Cape Leveque.  It is a full day from 5 am to 5.30 pm. It starts with a 2-hour trip on a float plane that takes off from the airport.  We land on the water at The Horizontal Falls.  There are many pontoons and all different kinds of boats and hospitality areas, shark and fish feeding cages, jet stream boats (600 HP), with sea planes (on skis) coming and going throughout the day. It was the best organized thing we have ever seen. The area is made up of the mainland, and hundreds of islands sitting like islands of meringue on the beautiful aqua blue waters. The scene is breathtaking, reminding me of Alaska in many ways. There is complete serenity.  Even the large sharks which swim around the pontoons continuously, do not seem dangerous, although they are.   The food and hospitality are beautiful.  We were taken up a couple of rivers to see the cliffs, some at 90 degrees to the water when they were thrust up from under the ocean many eons ago.  The day moved in quick order. 

The Horizontal Falls are caused by a massive build-up of water between the mountains at high tide.  The water is forced at tremendous pressure through a narrow gap in the mountains to let it out.  We rode up and down one of these three times.  They could not do the smaller one while we were there, due to the higher water being about six foot higher than lower water, with a narrow opening, it was much too dangerous to take us through.  Later in the day it would have been quite accessible as the tide fell.  We flew over the Buccaneer Archipelago, a very scenic flight with many islands in the beautiful ocean below, landing at One Arm Point, and being driven a short distance to Cape Leveque. We photographed the lovely beaches with the yellow wattles and the fine white sand surrounding the very blue ocean.  We were provided with a lovely lunch, then it was time to take the 4 WD vehicle to Beagle Bay ("Bran Nu Day" fame) followed by the 3-hour drive back to Broome.   The road was red bull dust with some corrugations and bumps.  It was cut deeply down into the earth and I am sure in the Wet, it would be a raging river.  We had two hours on the bumpy road and glad to finally get to Broome. 

We will leave you to read the rest of the story in  this page of our blogor you may purchase the story on a pdf file in our Store.

2012 Trip around Australia

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